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Charges of child abuse are among the most difficult criminal charges to face. With them come issues of custody, potential jail time, family alienation and social stigma. There are a number of charges that fall under the umbrella of child abuse that, without the help of a skilled child abuse defense lawyer, can forever alter a person’s family, career and life:

  • Continuous sexual abuse of a young child or children. This is a series of two acts of sexual abuse of a child within 30 days. If convicted, the defendant faces between 25 and 99 years in prison.
  • Indecency with a child. This is a second-degree felony that corresponds with sexual acts in the presence of a child.
  • Injury to a child. This is defined by intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or negligently causing serious bodily injury, mental deficiency or bodily injury to a child. Depending on the severity of the crime, charges can range from state jail felony to a second degree felony.
  • Abandoning or endangering a child. This is the act of putting a child younger than 15 years old into an unreasonable risk of harm through abandonment. If it is clear that the defendant intended to return to the child, it is a state jail felony. If there was no intent to return, it is a felony of the third degree. Charges can be more severe depending of the level of danger.

Child Abuse Defense Attorney in Texas

These are serious charges, and defendants generally get little sympathy from judges and juries when child abuse claims are made. It is important to proceed with careful assistance from legal counsel when fighting child abuse charges. With the right strategy and handling of the case, it is possible to begin the course of restoring normalcy to life, instead of a life of damaged employment prospects and family concerns.

Central Texas Child Abuse Lawyer

With the first accusations of child abuse, call The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC. With years of experience on many sides of the law, David White can help assemble the right defense and protect their clients’ rights. An investigation does not necessarily mean charges will be filed against you, and charges do not have to mean a conviction and fines or jail time. David White understand the way a case is structured and can anticipate strategies to win.

They are experienced in negotiation, court room defense and in helping clients through the personal and public fallout of the damaging charges of child abuse. The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC will not sit on the sidelines while the prosecution tarnishes their clients. Instead, the firm is ready to fight aggressively for the people they defend, ensuring that the defendant’s story is heard clearly and forcefully.

Contact an Austin child abuse defense attorney today at (512) 369-3737. There is nothing more important than your defense.

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