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Theft is a general term that for the most part refers to the act of willfully stealing someone else’s personal property, including jewelry, clothing, money, etc. A theft conviction is considered a crime of moral turpitude and can carry heavy penalties, including jail time, fines, restitution, community service and/or probation. Punishments can be especially harsh if you have a prior record or the value of the stolen goods is substantial. If you’ve been accused or charged with theft, you need to contact a reputable theft attorney immediately.

What is Theft?

Theft is a broad term and can be an element or associated with the following crimes:

Each of these crimes carries a specific penalty range, from monetary fines to probation and even jail sentences in severe cases. If you have been charged with a theft crime such as those listed above, finding a theft attorney is a must. With a law firm like The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC by your side, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best possible defense.

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The problem with a theft conviction is the social stigma created even after you’ve served your sentence. A felony conviction will affect your ability to seek gainful employment with today’s commonplace criminal history checks. The branding as a convicted thief is something that could mar your reputation forever. Employers are hesitant to hire those who have a criminal background involving crimes of moral turpitude.

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We focus on presenting an effective defense in court by preparing and investigating all of the facts of your case. We will provide you with the best possible defense and work to get your case dismissed. Remember, your reputation is at stake, and we are here to protect it.

To have a real chance at getting your charge reduced or dismissed entirely, it’s important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the court system. You need a lawyer who knows how to construct a defense that the judge and/or jury will actually consider before handing down a verdict. To find a great theft attorney, look no further than The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC. Contact a Central Texas theft lawyer at (512) 369-3737 FREE today to schedule a consultation.

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