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At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC: Austin Criminal Lawyer, no case is too big or too small. Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor, state or federal crime, I will create a personalized defense strategy designed to secure the most favorable outcome for you.



I handle all driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases. Whether you’re a first offender or facing an intoxication manslaughter charge, you can rely on me to fight to protect your rights. Contact us for guidance and representation by an experienced Austin DWI lawyer.



Choose lawyer David D. White for representation by an experienced Austin assault lawyer. I’ll craft an effective defense against your assault charges. Penalties for assault in Texas range from paying a fine to prison time. Let me help you fight the charges.


Sexual Assault

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Texas. Sexual assault charges are not only sensitive but can also turn your life upside down. Turn to our law firm for defense by an experienced Austin sexual assault lawyer and ensure your rights are protected.


Drug Charges

Drug charges in Texas are taken seriously especially if there was an alleged intent to distribute. Attorney David D. White is an experienced Austin drug charges lawyer. Contact our law firm to learn your legal rights and options.


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are not only sensitive but often very complex. These charges are treated with more severity than when assault involves a stranger. Contact us for representation by an experienced Austin domestic violence lawyer for representation against malicious domestic violence charges.


White Collar Crimes

Are you facing charges for tax fraud, Medicaid Fraud, securities fraud or other white collar crimes? Contact us for representation by an experienced Austin white collar crime lawyer. Attorney David D. White is experienced in handling a wide variety of white collar crime cases.


Federal Crimes

Federal crimes include violations of U.S. federal laws. Federal offenses are prosecuted by government agencies and are punishable by penalties that are more severe than penalties for charges prosecuted at state courts. Contact us for representation by an experienced and skilled Austin federal crime lawyer and ensure your rights and freedom are protected.



Texas has a reputation for penalizing those convicted of murder harshly. Fight murder charges and ensure your rights and freedom are protected with the help of an experienced Austin homicide defense lawyer from our law firm.


Probation Revocation

Don’t let a mistake or misunderstanding be the reason your freedom is taken away from you. Work with an experienced Austin probation revocation lawyer from our law firm to defend your rights and freedom.



Expungement is an opportunity to get a fresh start and put your past mistakes behind you. Let our Austin expungement lawyer help you erase your criminal record and get that second chance you deserve.

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The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC
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Facing criminal charges? I will champion for you. Don’t fight this alone.




Powerful And Personalized Criminal Defense Since 2008.

David D. White has defended the rights of those accused of crimes in Austin, Texas since 2008. He has a track record of successfully defending individuals facing a wide variety of charges. From the very first meeting at our law firm, you will recognize that you can expect much more than you would from other criminal defense lawyers.

The Law Office of David D. White, PLLC: Austin Criminal Lawyer is a client-focused law firm. We fight to preserve the presumption of innocence on behalf of our clients in all criminal cases we take. We believe that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and strive to provide our clients with the best possible defense to ensure that this is true.

Attorney David D. White approaches each case with the care and attention it deserves. We never treat any two cases as the same. When we take your case, you can expect that we will dedicate our time, resources, and energy to fight to protect your rights. You can rely on us for the highest level of support and the best representation from start to finish.  

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How an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make a Difference in Your Case

Beyond legal representation, we are dedicated to helping you through this stressful time.

When you are accused of a crime, your future hangs on a balance. The consequences of a criminal charge go beyond paying a fine or serving a jail sentence. Your reputation could be damaged, derailing precious future plans. You may lose your professional license, and find it difficult to find employment or secure housing. We work with these consequences in mind to protect your rights and freedom.

At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC, we will provide you with the best quality legal assistance and representation. We will:


top rated criminal defense attorney

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing Criminal Charges?

I will champion for you. Don’t fight this alone.


I Have Been Arrested. What Should I Do?

At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC: Austin Criminal Lawyer, we treat each case as unique. We will give your case the care and attention it deserves. We will fight for the best possible outcome.

The steps you take after being arrested in connection with a crime can either benefit your case or have adverse effects on it. If you or a loved one has been arrested:

No one that comes to us is ever passed over to someone with little or no experience. I take a hands-on approach with all our clients.


Common Criminal Defense Questions in Texas

Have you been charged with a crime? Have you or someone you love been arrested in connection with a crime? Contact the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC: Austin Criminal Lawyer with all your questions. We’d be glad to discuss your case and provide you with the answers you are looking for.


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A First DWI Penalty is Punishable By How Much in Texas?

A First DWI Penalty is Punishable By a Fine Ranging from $2,000 - $10,000 depending on aggravating factors. A DWI case can be a complicated legal matter due to the varying factors involved, such as the circumstances of the arrest, the defendant's prior criminal recor...

Jul 8, 2024
What is Considered Family Violence in Texas?

Though it is commonly referred to as “domestic violence,” the crime of intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to a family member is called “family violence.” While there is no separate crime of “domestic violence,” family violence c...

Jul 4, 2024
How to Get a Second DWI Charge Reduced in Texas

In Texas, a second DWI charge is a serious offense that can result in harsh legal consequences such as fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol counseling, and even potential county jail time. Furthermore, a second DWI charge may also lead to long-term consequenc...

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