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How people should react when they’re accused of a sex crime in Texas

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Sex Crimes

Few criminal offenses carry the same degree of social stigma as sex crimes. Texas has numerous kinds of sex offenses, ranging from statutory infractions based on the age of the people involved in a consensual encounter to violent acts.

Often, prosecutors will pursue the most dramatic charges possible based on the circumstances, which can make people accused of a sex offense feel very panicked about the future. They may worry about needing to register as a sex offender and then telling new neighbors about their status whenever they move to a new home. They may worry about jail time or career consequences. How should someone respond to allegations of committing a sex crime to avoid compromising the strength of their defense?

They must recognize their need for professional help

Individuals facing criminal charges often make foolish mistakes that exacerbate their circumstances. From negotiating with the prosecutor to evaluating the evidence gathered by the state, there are many aspects of defending oneself that the average individual is poorly equipped to handle.

A lawyer understands the law and also the standard of evidence necessary to secure a conviction. They can help someone determine the best strategy for their defense in court and can speak on their behalf.

They need to put their best foot forward

One of the worst mistakes someone can make while waiting for trial related to one criminal incident is to get arrested for something else. Those facing serious criminal allegations will often need to be careful about who they socialize with, how they use social media and even the way that they dress, especially during court. Someone accused of a sex crime needs to focus on showing that they are beneficial for their community and not a dangerous predator.

They should avoid contact with the other party

Another very common mistake made by those accused of some kind of interpersonal crime is an attempt to settle the matter directly with the alleged victim. Even when a defendant thinks they can potentially reason with the other party, making contact might lead to additional police involvement and a worse outcome to the situation.

Of course, the appropriate way to respond to pending criminal charges in Texas depends on the exact charges someone faces and the amount of evidence that the state has to develop those charges. Preparing to fight back against pending sex crime allegations is the only viable way to avoid the lasting consequences of a conviction or guilty plea.