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We Cannot Thank David Enough

I dealt with David around 2011 for a DWI in Austin. He was really effective with my case at hand and guided me through the whole process with ease and Peace of mind. Thank you again.

Joseph Z


Strongly Recommend David White

I called David last August after my daughter got a minor in possession while away in college. My wife & I were terrified that this mistake might cost our daughter dearly. Luckily for us, we found David to take care of this for us. He walked us through the process during the initial free consultation. Several months later the case was dismissed and ultimately expunged. We cannot thank David enough for all his help in protecting our daughters future!



Pulled off a Miracle

First, let me start with the staff. They are absolutely the most courteous and professional staff I have dealt with over the last few years. They are always punctual with reminders about court dates and times as well as relaying any information you have for David (he is an attorney and is often in court in the mornings). As far as David is concerned he is lights out as far as an attorney is concerned. He knows the law as it pertains to his area of…




David White was the first phone call I made when facing charges for my first time. I called his office on a Sunday, during a holiday weekend (July 3rd) and received a call back that immediately put me a little bit more at ease. After my first meeting with him, I felt that he was as forthcoming, honest, and realistic as an attorney could be. He thoroughly prepared me for everything you can imagine and was direct and concise while explaining his expectations, what mine could be, and how this whole process works. That first meeting, he said something like “best case scenario – which would be a miracle – but best case scenario, we’re going to see if we can get a dismissal before you even have to go to court”. Two months later, the offer was on the table. Of course there were terms, conditions, requirements, and a lot of work for me – just a few weeks ago, my charges were dismissed. I had no idea where to start, what to expect, and had hit such an ultimate rock bottom when I first made that phone call. The enthusiasm, energy, optimism, understanding, and support that David showed – as well as his availability, even for stupid questions and text messages that I sent all too frequently – made me feel like I was physically taking the weight of the world that I felt on my shoulders and handed over 80% of it. I immediately felt like I found representation that was beyond adequate, beyond fair, beyond reasonable, and worth every penny I had to spend.

Thank you again for all the hard work and for giving me my future/life back without a permanent criminal record. It is impossible to articulate how completely indebted I feel to you for pulling off a complete dismissal.



Great professional lawyer

Mr White was absolutely amazing! Mr White was able to get my DWI dismissed, save my driving record, reputation and career. Made the process easy and absolutely stress free. Could not have asked for a better lawyer! Would give 10 stars if I could!



Great Lawyer

I liked the fact that he was fair, understanding and very easy to work with. Every time l talked to David, he made me feel at ease and he explained everything clearly. The terms of payments were fair and David ensured that l was able to pay my bills and not starve while paying for his services.

Tim W


Oustanding Counsel

David did a great job in defending me and jumping through all the legal hurdles. Here in Texas the legal system makes you repeatedly show up for court appearances that they continually reschedule and delay. David was always there for my questions, legal appearances, advice, etc. Very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Couldn’t of asked for better



Use White and save Green

David White, Attorney at Law has been by far the most respectable, diligent, and driven attorney one could possibly hope for! I was referred to him by a family member as well as friend. I couldn’t have made a better decision in an attorney to represent me in Travis County. I made a mistake that could have made the rest of my life more difficult. He met with me and was extremely honest with with me about my case and the possible…



Quick and stress free process

Not only did David get my Class A dismissed quickly (2 months from arrest date to dismissal date) but he did for substantially less then all of the other lawyers I had contacted before him. I highly recommend David ‘s services to anyone in need.

Erik P


Mr. White has your back

I was referred to David White by UT Legal Services (I was a previous student) and I am very happy they did! He is very thorough, friendly, easy to reach, and most importantly: works quickly. He successfully completed my expunction process for a class C misdemeanor. I no longer live in Austin and he handled my case entirely over the phone with no problems. During my consultation he patiently answered all my questions. After confirming I wanted him to take on my case he had the paperwork I needed to sign to me the next day (if not the same day) and made my requested adjustments right away. He made the entire process so easy and stress free that I wish I had contacted him sooner! Seriously, David will make you feel so comfortable and get your case handled quickly!


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