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An Aggressive Defense Against Murder Charges

Murder and homicide charges often come with the most severe sentencing in Texas. When these crimes devastate the lives of so many people, it is only natural that the sentencing involved also be just as catastrophic. With so much at stake in these cases, you need to be sure that your defense attorney is up to the task of defending you.

At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC, I recognize the stakes of these cases, and I do everything in my power to secure the most favorable outcome in them. I have nearly 20 years of experience helping the people of Central Texas earn the outcomes they deserve in their criminal charges, and I am ready to help you secure the same results.

Valid Defenses Against These Charges

It can be hard to envision a defense strategy that can successfully beat murder charges, but it is possible to do just that. When clients come to me for help, I take the time to review the unique factors of their case and explore possible options for defending them with strategies such as:

  • Proving that my client did not have any intent to commit the crime
  • The prosecution is pursuing charges against the wrong individual
  • My client was acting in self-defense
  • My client was not in a stable state of mind at the time of the offense
  • The tragedy that took place was the result of an accident

I give my clients peace of mind by ensuring they understand I do not settle for less in these cases or take the easy route and things quickly. I am prepared to fight for you no matter how complex or lengthy your case may be.

Get The Outcome You Deserve

If you are facing criminal charges for murder or homicide or even think you might be soon, do not wait another moment to contact my Austin office. The more time you give me to build your defense, the stronger it will become. Take the first step in the pursuit of overcoming your criminal charges by calling me at [ nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-1″] or emailing me here.