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What Happens After Your 2nd DWI in Texas?

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Dec 8, 2023
Can You Get a DWI Expunged in Texas?

Texas has restrictive expungement laws compared to some other states. Getting a DWI charge removed from your record is, therefore, difficult unless you’re acquitted of the crime, or it’s dismissed. That is ...

Nov 10, 2023
Can You Go to Jail for Accidentally Killing Someone in Texas?

If you kill someone on purpose, you’ll end up in jail. However, you can also end up incarcerated if you kill someone by accident. For example, a crime of passion may end in death. While a person may not have mea...

Jul 2, 2024
How Long Does a DWI Stay on Your Record in Texas?

Facing a DWI charge in Texas can have long-lasting consequences. One of the most common concerns individuals have is how long a DWI will stay on your record and as the consequences of a DWI can continue as long as...


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