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Fighting Against Your Criminal Charges

Whether you received criminal charges at a misdemeanor or felony level, you should never underestimate the consequences of a conviction. Even the smallest charges can have a lifetime of consequences, both legal and collateral. Instead of taking the risk of representing yourself and hoping for a good plea deal, fight against your charges with me at your side.

At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC, I help clients throughout Central Texas overcome their criminal charges. I do everything possible to build the defense you deserve against any kind of charges.

How I Can Defend You

I take the time to gather the unique factors in your case, consult with expert witnesses, explore negotiation efforts to reduce or eliminate charges and even pursue case dismissal against all types of criminal charges, including:

In addition to fighting charges, I can also help you fight to expunge your record and pursue probation revocation as well.

I pride myself on being a lawyer my clients can come to in a time of need. I want to see my clients earn the most favorable possible outcome in their defense case, and I use every ounce of my skill and experience to make that goal a reality.

Let Me Stand For You

No one should have to go through their criminal defense alone. Instead of accepting a plea deal that is worse than you deserve or even missing out on the success you can earn in your case, allow me to be your criminal defense attorney and put your mind at ease in your case.

I am ready to go through all the litigation and negotiation necessary to secure the most favorable outcome in your criminal charges, and I am only a phone call away. Call my Austin office at 512-369-3737 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.