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Experienced And Skilled Sex Crime Defense

Being charged with a sex crime calls for every effort to defend yourself from the charges. When even an accusation has the power to completely change your life, you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to protect your rights, freedom and future.

At the Law Office of David D. White, PLLC, I know what is at stake in these cases, and I do everything possible to help clients throughout Central Texas. I have nearly 20 years of experience fighting criminal charges, and I am not afraid to put up a fight when necessary.

Pursuing The Most Favorable Outcome

When your rights, future, freedom and reputation are at stake, you need a lawyer who will stop at nothing for your defense. Instead of receiving the same boilerplate representation other offices may offer, I take the time to craft custom-tailored strategies based on the unique factors of each case I take.

Some of the efforts I make in my work include:

  • Reviewing all of the evidence associated with your case, questioning the authenticity and integrity of everything
  • Consulting with expert witnesses who may be able to bolder your defense
  • Explore potential outcomes of negotiation and litigation to secure the outcome you deserve in your case

While I am working for you, you can rest easy knowing that I will not leave you in the dark about what I am doing, where I expect your case is heading, and what options you have on the table.

Do Not Wait To Start Your Defense

If you are facing accusations of charges for sexual assault, or think you will be in the future, do not wait another moment to begin protecting yourself. Call my Austin office at 512-369-3737 or email me here so we can begin assembling a defense you can count on.