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The Difference Between DWI and DUI in Texas

Jul 17, 2023

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Can You Get a Felony for Speeding in Texas?

Texas is home to the fastest speed limit in the United States, with stretches of State Highway 130 having a limit of 85 miles per hour. Even with liberal speed limits, many drivers choose to drive faster than the ...

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DWI With a Passenger Under 15

Texas law takes driving while intoxicated (DWI) very seriously. While a first offense DWI is typically a misdemeanor, a conviction can still bring serious consequences. In some situations, even a first DWI can be ...

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In 2021, 89,457 Driving While Intoxicated charges were reported in Texas. Only 1,824 of those charges were dismissed—that’s two percent. While that number can be discouraging if you’ve been arrested for drun...

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