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Is a DWI a Felony?

Feb 23, 2024

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Aug 4, 2023
DWI With a Passenger Under 15

Texas law takes driving while intoxicated (DWI) very seriously. While a first offense DWI is typically a misdemeanor, a conviction can still bring serious consequences. In some situations, even a first DWI can be ...

Dec 8, 2023
Can You Get a DWI Expunged in Texas?

Texas has restrictive expungement laws compared to some other states. Getting a DWI charge removed from your record is, therefore, difficult unless you’re acquitted of the crime, or it’s dismissed. That is ...

Oct 31, 2023
Is Your License Suspended Immediately After a DWI?

In Texas, after being arrested for a DWI (driving while intoxicated), your license is not necessarily suspended immediately. However, there are important steps and potential consequences to be aware of regarding y...

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